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Beyond content & SEO: Speed, accessibility, privacy and security essentials (CHECKLIST) for small business website

Using recommended WordPress plugins will certainly bring you a long way towards successful small business website. However, there are certain things you can't do with any automated tool - you need to do it manually. The checklist I've created will help you stay on top of all of the technical requirements of your small business website, beyond content itself.

I know it seems daunting when you face all of the different online aspects of your small business - from the content creation and marketing, to the legal and technical requirements for your website. But you should have in mind that those requirements are usually meant to protect and benefit your clients, and that's also in your best interest. Ask yourself - if I was in their shoes, would I want to do business with someone who has a terrible website that's confusing and virtually unusable, that doesn't respect my data privacy (collects it and uses it without my consent), and doesn't care if that data is stolen or leaked?

Would you buy from someone who's not transparent and trustworthy? (Small business website expert quote)
Wouldn't you like to avoid legal troubles, and convert more website visitors into clients? (Small business website expert quote)

Best practices (for website speed optimization, accessibility, data privacy and security) will not only ensure that you don't get into any legal trouble - it will also significantly increase chances that any visitor of your small business website, becomes your client. Following those best practices will make your potential clients trust you more, and thus be more opened for collaboration.

There are many (usually costly) solutions out there promising to solve all of your technical problems with one simple click. The truth is this: it's an ongoing process, that requires your involvement (no different to any content strategy also). There's no one else that knows all the details of your business, like yourself. Anyone else can only be your guide and assistant. This checklist is created for that very reason - to give you guidance when building and managing your small business website.

There's no instant solution, but there is an easy guide (with checklist) to follow. (Small business website expert quote)

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