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Are you a small business in need of an optimized website customized for your business goals but not sure where to start?

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Do you feel overwhelmed while trying to figure out how to build a small business website by yourself?

Don't waste more time and energy - get a professional that can help you build out your small business website in an affordable way, with the least stress possible.

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1. Schedule a free call with me

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This is an introductory call where we discuss your project goals and ways to accomplish them, as well as the project budget and timeline.

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2. Get a detailed project proposal

A detailed plan of the small business website building process.

Once we agree about the project goals, timeline and budget, project proposal will be sent for your review. Project proposal includes detailed explanation of all steps in the process of building out your small business website.

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3. Get the finished project

Small business website finished, presentend on a laptop screen.

In this phase of our collaboration you can expect few things:
- It will include some back and forth communication and exchange of agreed upon items (deliverables).
- You will receive few deliverables for your review (website mockup/wireframe - showing how your website will look like in its final form, but it's not yet functional/you can't interact with it; website for final review - fully functional version of your website that you can interact with and give feedback/suggest final changes; finished website - completed and ready to use).
- Before the website can be sent for your final review, you are expected to provide all of the content for it (text, images, videos etc.).

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Don't miss on the opportunity to have a website that stands out, and is easy to manage (add new features and content in just few simple steps)!

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