Animations by Imoptimal – My first official Plugin

After a month or so of constant learning, I’ve done my first official WordPress plugin – Animations by Imoptimal.As its name suggests, this plugin is focused on animating any element on your website when it enters the screens viewport or when it’s being hovered on (using CSS selectors).You can see the plugin in action on […]

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Image Optimization WordPress Plugin

Wordpress Image Optimization

It goes without saying, that optimization of website performance will end up being unsuccessful if one doesn’t think about the multimedia content, which in big part determines loading speed of web pages. It’s important to state that it’s not enough to compress only those images that are part of website’s basic design, but it’s equally […]

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WordPress Contact Form Plugin (including SMTP)

Wordpress Contact Form

When it comes to wordpress plugins, I prefer those that are free, easy to set up (even for those without any coding skills – my clients), and with as much as customization as possible. I have tried several plugins in this area – and the one that gives the most customizing options is – Ninja […]

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