Loading Screen by Imoptimal – Official WordPress.org Plugin

As the title suggests, this plugin enables you to set the loading screen progress bar (with percentage text), that also features the logo/image of your choosing.
You can see the plugin in action on this website as well.

Key Features:

  • Possibility to set the number of loading screen options your website needs (either one for the entire website, or two different ones – first for the homepage, second for all of the other pages).
  • Select the logo image that will be used on the loading sccreen (from the existing uploads, or by uploading a new one).
  • Select the background color for the loading screen.
  • Select the color of progress bar and percentage text.

Screenshots of the plugin’s settings page:

WordPress.org Repository: https://wordpress.org/plugins/loading-screen-by-imoptimal/

GitHub Repositoryhttps://github.com/Imoptimal/loading-screen-by-imoptimal

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