Animations by Imoptimal – My first official Plugin

After a month or so of constant learning, I’ve done my first official WordPress plugin – Animations by Imoptimal.
As its name suggests, this plugin is focused on animating any element on your website when it enters the screens viewport or when it’s being hovered on (using CSS selectors).
You can see the plugin in action on this website as well.

Key Features:

  • Possibility to set the number of animation groups that you can target with different animation settings (up to 100 groups).
  • Add the items (CSS selectors) you would like to either animate when they enter the screens viewport (visible area of a web page) or when hovered on/tapped on.
  • Select the type of animation for that group of items (over 70 types, based on the popular CSS library animate.css).
  • Option to select the duration of the animation (0.5 – 5 sec; with increments of 0.1 sec).
  • Option to select the repetition of the animation (1 – 5 times; Infinite is also an option).
  • Option to choose the delay duration of animation when entering screens viewport (0.5 – 5 sec; with increments of 0.1 sec).
  • Option to choose the speed curve of the selected animation.
  • Option to choose if the animation will be triggered every time selected items enter screens viewport (not just once). There is also an option to trigger animation on hover/when tapped on touchscreen instead.
  • Use the preview button to check all of the choosen options in action. Repository:

GitHub Repository:

Give it a try and let me know what you think.