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Only a week or so after my last post talking about the postponed arrival of WordPress 5.0, we find ourselves welcoming the new posting experience code name Gutenberg (on December 6th).

While reading about other people’s experiences around the web, in the past few days, I heard there are some hick ups in regards to certain plugins. Personally I haven’t had any issues so far on this website, which uses 15 plugins (some not so common/popular).

Even though I somewhat understand the outrage surrounding this release, for the most part it seems misplaced – based on the lack of understanding of its full potential. Developers are especially irritated by the fact that some tasks will be simplified, making their services in those areas obsolete. Also, many don’t understand that wordpress core development cannot be responsible for the fact that many plugins are still not in tune with the new way of things (even though the release of Gutenberg was postponed several times in the past half a year).

We must not forget one important thing – software development field is ever changing, and wordpress ecosystem is no exception. Don’t get me wrong, change is never easy, and all of us need to keep the pace. But, change always brings new opportunities, one just needs to take advantage of it.

If you still have fears or doubts, keep using the Classic Editor Plugin, which will be supported for several more years to come. WordPress core development team announced that they’ll continuously release updates on every two weeks approximately, so issues will keep getting resolved. I expect that plugin developers will follow suit.

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Good Luck.

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