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Wordpress Gutenberg

I’ve stopped publishing for quite a while now, waiting for the WordPress 5.0 to be released, and around half a year later – we’re all still waiting.

Although I’m saluting this major update, or better say overhaul (which was overdue in many areas), this undefined release date has made me question the outcome.

The reasoning behind me not publishing any more blog content was my fear of the unknown – mainly the changes that will most probably have an effect on the plugins and functionalities outside of this new editor experience named Gutenberg.

Since the main idea behind my blog was to give advice and recommendations consisting out of well established best practices developed throughout the past decade or so, I thought that the immanent change to those practices (to extent unfamiliar to me) would make my posts outdated and irrelevant.

I know that the Classic Editor will be supported for several more years (through plugin), enabling things to remain the same for the most part. But still I believe that the new development gives possibilities unprecedented to end users and developers alike, so everybody should get adjusted as soon as possible

 In hopes that the deadline will not be pushed passed the January (which was set as the worse case scenario fallback), see you soon with the new content.

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