Image Optimization WordPress Plugin

Wordpress Image Optimization

It goes without saying, that optimization of website performance will end up being unsuccessful if one doesn’t think about the multimedia content, which in big part determines loading speed of web pages.

It’s important to state that it’s not enough to compress only those images that are part of website’s basic design, but it’s equally necessary to pay attention to files that are being continuously uploaded (especially if website uses galleries of multimedia content).

In order to achieve this, You could compress images using online tools (certain websites), and after those images are compressed, to upload them to Your wordpress website. But an easier and quicker solution, is to install a plugin that will do this job automatically, targeting every single image being uploaded.

Since I prefer lightweight plugins, that require minimal or no manual settings, while providing it’s full functionality for free, I would recommend – Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin.

You don’t even need to press any additional buttons while uploading files. It also gives an option to compress images uploaded before this plugin was activated on Your website, and to optimize images present in directories other than uploads folder.

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