About Me

Anyone can sometimes look like a jackass, if they don’t know better…

Hi, my name is Ivan Maljukanović, and I believe that everyone deserves to be all that they want to be. There haven’t been more opportunities for that than in this present digital age. I can help you show your best self online, by guiding you through the process of custom website development based on WordPress.

If you haven’t heard of WordPress before, in short it’s a tool that enables anyone to easily manage their website’s content with virtually no technical knowledge.

Even though it’s easy to manage your website content, it’s not so easy to know how to customize and optimize your website for best performance – to be an enjoyable and memorable experience for your website’s visitors. That’s where my expertise and guidance come in place:

  • We will add additional custom features to your website where and when you need it, using my knowledge in HTML, CSS, JS and PHP programming languages (extending WordPress with elements it’s already built upon).
  • We will also help you utilize the existing vast capabilities of WordPress in an optimal way, so you won’t end up getting overwhelmed by too many options that are not always the right fit for your use case.
  • Once we achieve this, it’s much more likely that visitors will stay longer on your website, and also more frequently return to it. And the more they get to know you and your business, the more likely they’ll become your customers.

    If anything I’ve said so far resonates with you, don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation. I’m always eager to help any way I can. If our conversation turns in collaboration, even better.